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Madrid Barajas Airport
Located 15 kilometers (nine miles) from the center of Madrid, the airport currently handles more than 25 million passengers a year. The Metro (public transit) connection is excellent: take line 8 from the airport to Nuevos Ministerios (12 minutes) and connect or take a taxi to your final destination.
Metro Rapid Transit
Public transit system serving greater Madrid.
Airport Bus
Connects to Plaza de Colón in the city center, but traffic can be a problem. AeroCITY minibus door-to-door (from the city center) services another alternative.


Atocha (south Madrid) is the city's largest train station; Chamartín (north Madrid) is the other. Atocha services mostly Spanish cities; Chamartín serves international destinations. With cheap competitive fares offered by discount airlines, it is often better to fly.
City Buses are often crowded and most tourist walk or take a cab. Telephone: 913 936 000 or 913 058 345/342 or 902 353 570.
Inexpensive (within the center city) and well regulated.

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