June 1, 2018


Singapore consists of Singapore Island and 63 smaller islands. Urban areas comprise half of the land area, with park land, reservoirs, plantations and open military areas occupying the remainder. On Singapore Island the main city area in the south was developed by the British under the direction of Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819. The Central Business District (CBD) and Chinatown are south of the Singapore River. To the north of the river is the colonial district, home base for British rule. Further north is Little India and Arab St. Orchard Rd. runs northwest from the colonial district. To the west of the island is Jurong. The east coast has some of the residential areas, East Coast Park and Changi International Airport.
Population: 4,039,156
Area: 683 sq km
Flight times:
Tokyo- 3 hrs., New York- 20 hrs., Los Angeles- 15 hrs.

The climate is generally hot, tropical and humid throughout the year with the temperature usually around 86 F (30 C) with humidity around 70 percent.Temperatures can drop below 50 F (10 C) in the winter.
Average Daily High/Low Temperature:
- Spring: High 88F/31 C, Low 78F/26 C
- Summer: High 87F/30 C, Low 78F/26 C
- Fall: High 87F/30 C, Low 77F/25 C
- Winter: High 85F/30 C, Low 75F/24 C

Changi International Airport
Located 12 mi (20km) from colonial Singapore, it is easily accessible by train, buses and taxis. Mass Rapid Transit (MRT),a metro system and an excellent train system are convenient and inexpensive. Taxis are abundant. Those wanting to bypass busy streets can take a bumboat (motorized sampan) to any point along the river and harbor. Convienient modern ferry services operate from: The World Trade Centre to Sentosa, various locations to north Changi and Tanjung Belungkor, east of Johor Bahru, and a daily high-speed catamaran links Singapore with Malaysia's Tioman Island. OR

At first glance, Singapore appears sterile, modern and anonymous, but this is an international city with Colonial English, Chinese, Malay and Indian traditions. Visit Little India that sells saris, freshly ground spices, and statues of erotic Hindu gods. Or take in the neighborhood surrounding Arab Street where the cry of the imam from Sultan Mosque resonates down the streets and alleys. There's also Chinatown, where fortune tellers, calligraphers and temple worshippers coexist on crowded sidewalks. At the end of a busy day many tourist and some locals relax with their favorite gin cocktail at the Raffles Hotel.

Orchard Rd
The hub of high-class hotels, high-end shopping centers, nightspots, restaurants, bars and lounges.

Sentosa Island
The Disneyland of Singapore's parks, Sentosa Island is Singapore's most visited attraction. Museums, aquariums, beaches, sporting facilities, walks, rides and food centers are here. A cable car will take to you to all the activities. For those who need days to explore the island, there are camp grounds, hostesl and luxury hotels.




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