June 1, 2018

Sidney Australia

Sidney, AustraliaÕs oldest city, was founded in 1788 as BritainÕs major penal colony, however today it is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city renowned for its international cuisine, impressive architecture and spectacular scenery. Sydney is the cultural and financial heart of the continent.

Population: Metro 4,001,160, Time Zone: 9 hours ahead of GMT
Flight times: Tokyo- 8 hrs., New York- 25 hrs., Los Angeles- 20 hrs.

Sidney is quite sunny – 300 days a year. Expect warm, humid summers (December-February) and mild winters (June-August). The hottest months are December-February, when temperatures can reach into the 100 F/40 C. Evening temperatures are cooler -- usually in the 70s F/20s C. Rainfall is heaviest February-June. During the winter months (June-August) expect temperatures in the 50s-60s F/10s-20s C. September-November (spring) are dry.
Drought is a constant problem.
Average Daily High/Low Temperature:
¥ Spring: High 76°F/ 24°C, Low 45°F / 7°C
¥ Summer: High 86°F / 30°C, Low 48°F/ 9°C
¥ Fall: High 67°F / 19°C, Low 51°F / 11°C
¥ Winter: High77°F /25°C, Low 63°F/ 17°C

Sydney Airport (formerly known as Kingsford Smith) is about 10km/6miles south of the city center.

Rail and Bus
Link trains connect city train stations to domestic and international terminals. Airport Express buses run to Central Station, Circular Quay and Kings Cross. Kingsford Smith Airporter shuttles between the airport and center city hotels.
Public transportation system includes bus, subway or ferry service. A monorail connects the Central Business District's to Darling Harbor, Chinatown and the main downtown shopping area.
Taxis are reasonable.
The bus network is extensive, but can be slow. There are plenty of fare deals and several hop-on, hop-off buses specifically designed for visitors who hate walking or for those who have no sense of direction. Some prefer to get around by ferry; the Manly ferry is the best way to see the harbour.

Circular Quay
Circular Quay is built around Sydney Cove and is the heart of the city, walkway to the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Sydney Opera House.

Darling Harbor
Is a large leisure park. Visit in the outstanding Aquarium and Powerhouse Museum, the National Maritime Museum.

Macquarie Street
Macquarie St. is a concentration of early public buildings designed by the convict architect Francis Greenway.

Sydney Opera House
Hosts theatre, classical music, ballet and film, as well as the seasonal opera performances. It was built between 1959 and 1973, but was plagued with construction delays and political difficulties which culminated in the resignation of architect Jorn Utzon in 1966. The interior was designed by a group of Australians after Utzon quit.

The Rocks
'Old Sydney town' is a tourist hot spot with narrow cobbled streets and colonial architecture full of antiques, kitsch and souvenirs plus an assortment of pubs.


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