American Museum of Natural History

January 10, 2008


Joe Loscalzo


American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at W. 79th St.,
Upper West Side,
New York, NY, USA
Phone: 212/769-5200 for museum tickets and programs;
212/769-5100 for museum general information.

With more than 40 exhibition halls and millions of artifacts and specimens, this is one of the world's largest museums of natural history.

Here Tyrannosaurus Rex is truly king. Dinosaurama begins in the immense Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda, where a 50-ft-tall skeleton of a barosaurus rears on its hind legs. Dinosaurs abound in three fantastic halls on the fourth floor.

Additional outstanding exhibitions include the Hall of Fossil Mammals, the Hall of Biodiversity, the Hall of Human Biology and Evolution, and the Hall of Ocean Life (opens in summer 2003); also temporary exhibitions often emphasize hands-on and interactive displays that make this museum popular with school-aged children, parents and teachers.

However in my opinion the most exciting part of this incredible complex is the spectacular HAYDEN PLANETARIUM. 

It is in a huge 90-ft, aluminum-clad sphere that appears to float inside an enormous glass cube that is home to the ROSE CENTER FOR EARTH AND SPACE. 

In the Sky Theater, Harrison Ford narrates the NEW SPACE SHOW that uses current scientific knowledge in computerized projections of more than 2 billion stars to present a stunning spectacle that would make George Lucas envious.


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