June 1, 2018


TRANSPORTATION: Schipol is one of the most important transportation hubs in Europe. A train station below the airport, immediately transports you to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and most cities and towns in Europe. (Go to English button at the top of the page)
The airport is 18km (11mi) southwest of the city. All prices in US dollars, Euro exchange rate is 1.2 to .8 depending upon economic conditions.
Taxi to the city center (30 minutes): $25.
Trains to Centraal Station (at 15 minute intervals): $3.
Public transit is excellent. Its hub is Centraal Station, where trams, buses and other metro lines converge; the system isboth metropolitan and national – from Amsterdam you can reach most destinations within 2 hours by train.

Water Taxis (622-2181),Canal Buses (623-9886)
Amsterdam has over half million bicycles so if you want to be like the locals – happy pedaling, however Amsterdam is best experienced on foot.


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