Atlantic City

June 1, 2018

Atlantic City is an easy drive from the northeast’s largest cities (third of the population of the U S).
Baltimore, MD - 135
Boston, MA - 323
Hartford, CT - 272
Newark, NJ -108
New York, NY - 115
Philadelphia, PA - 60
Pittsburgh, PA - 345
Washington, DC - 175
Public Transportation: Best bet are the popular 13 passenger jitneys that cruise the entire length of Pacific Avenue, parallel to the Boardwalk; they run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, $1.50 per person. Information: 609-344-8642.
Rail service
provided by New Jersey Transit arrives and departs from a terminal next to the Atlantic City Convention Center. Rail service daily between Philadelphia (30th Street Station) and the Atlantic City Rail Terminal. Free shuttle service between the Rail Terminal and all casinos. Call 1-800-AC-TRAIN in New Jersey, or 215-569-3752 in Philadelphia.
NEW JERSEY TRANSIT: 800-582-5946
GREYHOUND: 800-231-2222
ACADEMY BUS LINES: 800-992-0451
GRAYLINE OF NEW YORK: 800-669-0051
Air Service
The city is readily accessible to two nearby International Airports. Philadelphia International Airport is 60 minutes via the Atlantic City Expressway. Atlantic City International Airport is 20-minutes from The Boardwalk.
Philadelphia International Airport: 1-800-PHL-GATE
Atlantic City International Airport: Cty public transportation

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