Mexico City

June 1, 2018

Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Ju‡rez

Located 6km (4mi) east of the Z—calo, is Mexico City's only passenger airport, however, it functions very well. There are at least 25 airlines providing direct service from US and Canadian cities, and many others provide one-stop connecting services. There are nly a few flights from Europe that fly to Mexico nonstop; US airlines require a plane change in the USA. OR
Metro Rapid Transit
Mexico City has one of the finest subway systems in the world. For 1.5 pesos you can cruise the entire city in rapid efficiency on board quiet trains. Stations are clean and attractive; some have special attractions.


Train are safer and more pleasant than buses but more expensive. As with bus service, it isbest to pay for the highest class of travel available. Primera Especial class is recommended for day trips and the top-of-the-line Pullman compartments for overnight travel. Pullman service offers sleeping compartments suitable for one (camarin) or two (alcoba). Each converts to a comfortable sitting room during the day
Mexico has a vast inter-city bus system that offers inexpensive and convenient transportation. There are two grades of buses: First Class has air conditioning and stewardess service, Second Class is the no frills option. As Second Class costs only slightly less, it is recommend that visitors to Mexico travel First Class. .
Three types of taxis exist- the ORANGE & WHITE fourdoor cabs offering comfort and metered rates; GREEN & WHITE, newer VW bugs with cheaper, metered rates; and YELLOW & WHITE, older VW bugs which offer the cheapest metered rates of all. However, a recent surge in petty crime has caused city authorities to recommend visitors use only ÒsitioÓ cabs, avoiding the roaming VW vehicles.

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