June 1, 2018

Sheremetyevo 2 International Airport, Phone: +7 (095) 956-4666, 578-9101. 578-4727 (inquiries),Website:
This main international airport in Moscow is located about 18km (11mi) southwest of the city of Moscow. All prices in US dollars. Russian exchange rates fluctuates depending upon economic conditions. Taxi to the city center (45 minutes): $30
Sheremetyevo 1 Airport Phone: +7 (095) 578-2372 Website: Located 5 kilometers from Sheremtyevo 2, this airport serves domestic Aeroflot flights and some charter flights. It’s not comfortable at all, so if you have some time before your flight, it’s better to spend it in Sheremetyevo 2. There is a shuttle service connecting both Sheremetyevo airports, departing every hour from Arrivals Exit of Sheremetyevo 2 Airport (ground floor, left wing facing the airport). Taxi to the city center (45 minutes): $30
Domodedovo Airport Phone: +7 (095) 933-6666, +7 (095) 363-3064 (inquiries) Website:
The best airport in Moscow, most comfortable and newly renovated. It serves most of the domestic flights (airlines: Sibir, Transaero, Pulkovo, East Line, etc.) and only two major international companies: Swiss Air and British Airways. There are a lot of amenities at the airport: a clean lobby, secure waiting area, good cafes and restaurants, business center. Taxi to the city center (1 hour plus): $50.
Moscow Railway Stations There are 9 train stations in Moscow. Each has the name of the main direction of the trains that depart from that particular railway station. All the railway stations are located close to the center of the city. For more information and schedules:

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