New Orleans

June 1, 2018

New Orleans International Airpot is now Louis Armstrong New Orleans International, for flight information go to: .
AIRPORT SHUTTLE is the official transportation shuttle service for the city. Travels can purchase tickets for $10 each way from the Airport Shuttle information desks. These desks are staffed 24 hours a day by informed personnel who can answer travel-related questions and give helpful visitor information about city. The shuttle departs from the airport every 10 minutes. Call 592-0555.
Taxicabs: A cab ride costs $28.00 from the airport to the Central Business District (CBD) for one or two persons and $12.00 (per passenger) for three or more passengers. Pick-up is on the lower level, outside the baggage claim area. There may be an additional charge for extra baggage.
Airport Limousine Service: Non Scheduled walk up limousine and sedan service available from the airport to the Central Business District (CBD) and the French Quarter. The rate is $35.00 for one or two people and $10.00 per additional passenger for up to 8 passengers (total vehicle capacity). Limousine information desks are located on the lower level baggage claim areas.
Jefferson Transit: A ride on this public bus costs $1.50 per person which includes one transfer good from any Jefferson Transit bus. This bus picks up outside Entrance #7 on the upper level and runs every 15-20 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends. For more information, contact Jefferson Parish Transportation Department at (504) 367-7433 or on the web at

Greyhound: Pick-up for the Greyhound Bus is located on the upper level outside Entrance #7. For information fares and scheduling, call (504) 525-9371. Tickets are available from the driver. 800 231-2222

Fare: $1.25. Schedules available at the RTA office: 2817 Canal Street, 248-3900.
The New Orleans and Carrollton Railroad,which was founded in 1835. Today there are two lines: St. Charles Avenue/Carrollton Avenue ($1.25) and Riverfront ($1.50) lines - exact fare required; transfers to public bus: 25 cents Schedules are available at the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) office: 2817 Canal Street, 248-3900. A ride on the St. Charles Streetcar is a lmajor tourist attraction; don’t miss it. .
AMTRAK: Union Station is located at 1001 Loyola Avenue. 800 872-7245

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