June 1, 2018

Most major international airlines use: Incheon International Airport (37mi/60km from Seoul) and Gimpo International Airport, the main gateway to Korea.
Incheon International Airport:
Gimpo International Airport:
Taxi cabs in Seoul have proven to be honest, safe, clean, fast and quite inexpensive. There are two types of taxis in Seoul. One is deluxe taxi which is black with a yellow sign on the roof, named "Mobum Taxi". Deluxe taxis are more comfortable but more expensive; the regular taxis charge quite a bit less.
Express Buses connect all major cities of South Korea. Most of the express bus terminals are located near the city center. Two express bus terminals serve Seoul: the Seoul Express Bus Terminal and Dong Seoul Express Bus Terminal.
Local bus system cost from 400 to 800 South Korean Won. There is limited seating and they are often crowded.

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